How Did ‘Will & Grace’ End? Catch up Before the Reboot Premieres!

Big news for fans of Will & Grace! Not only is the TV sitcom being rebooted — with the new adaptation debuting Thursday, Sept 28, on NBC — but as part of a deal inked with Hulu, all 194 original episodes are now available to stream.

“As we gear up for the launch of the upcoming season premiere, I can’t think of a better way to reintroduce Will & Grace to the cultural zeitgeist than by giving audiences the opportunity to watch this historic and hilarious series wherever and whenever they want,” NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said in a statement.

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With all eight seasons now readily available to binge on Hulu or the NBC app, people are once again talking about that controversial ending. Let’s face it, it’s been a hot minute since the gang graced our TV screens, so if you can’t remember the finale, we’ll cut you some slack.

The original show ran from 1998 to 2006, which means it’s been off the air for over a decade (that seems impossible, but it’s true). In the final episode, Will and Grace’s friendship fell completely apart when Will didn’t condone Grace’s decision to get back together with Leo (played by Harry Connick, Jr.) while she was pregnant. Over a span of 20 years — thank you, time jumps! — fans watched as they moved on with their lives and eventually came back together, rekindling their platonic relationship.

Meanwhile, Karen and Jack tried tirelessly to get the foursome back together, but to no avail. Forgoing their efforts to reconstruct Will and Grace’s friendship, it was revealed that the eccentric pair lived together, having inherited Rosario and a massive estate and bank account from the late Beverly Leslie, who kicked the bucket after a gust of wind blew him off a balcony. RIP.

Leo and Grace got engaged, moved to Rome together, and had baby Laila. Eventually, they moved back to the city. Flash forward two years to Will, who had reunited with beau Vince (played by Bobby Canavale) and had a son named Ben. We experienced yet another time jump, this one was 18 years, to Laila and Ben meeting each other on their first day of college. That’s where Will and Grace had the opportunity to patch things up.

How Did Will & Grace End

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The last scene was a reunion between the main cast members as they took a shot in a bar. Flashbacks from earlier seasons played as Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack reminisced about their lives 20 years ago. We can’t wait to see where the reboot finds our four favorite characters today. Tune in tonight, Sept. 28, to find out!

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