How to Pre-Order The SNES Classic Edition

On June 26, Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Classic Edition (or “SNES Classic Edition,” for short). The plug-and-play device is an all-in-one emulation box, similar to the original NES Classic, which comes bundled with 21 Super Nintendo games including Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

The console will hit stores September 29 for $80. If you want one, you’re going to have to either pre-order it very quickly, or snag one at launch to avoid shelling out way too much money: As of now, Nintendo doesn’t plan to continue making it after 2017.

Thus far, pre-orders for the SNES Classic have gone live at only a couple of retailers in North America. On Facebook, Nintendo announced that the console will be available for pre-order “late this month [August] at various retailers.” To avoid NES Classic disappointment levels, Nintendo also said that “a significant amount of additional systems” will be available in stores on launch day.

Here’s how to get a jump on buying a SNES Classic Edition without going broke.


Retailer Target had been quiet about the SNES Classic after it was announced, but the store’s official Twitter account revealed that it would be available for pre-order. No time was given for when fans could expect pre-orders to go live, so you’ll have to stay vigilant.


The North American Amazon website has a product page for the SNES Classic Edition, but there is currently no way to pre-order or purchase the console right now — pre-orders were made available very early the morning of August 22, but only for about twenty minutes. It isn’t clear when the system will be back in stock.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s page for the Super NES Classic doesn’t list any way to get notifications when the system is back in stock, but it was available for less than 30 minutes on August 22. It’s unclear if or when it will be back in stock.


Walmart’s listing is almost identical to Best Buy’s with an in-stock alert button that you can use but no ability to actually pre-order the Super NES Classic. The SNES Classic will apparently be available for pre-order sometime in the future. We’ve heard that this could possibly be as early as 1 p.m. ET on August 22, but you shouldn’t hold your breath.


GameStop doesn’t currently have a product page for the SNES Classic on its website, but the retailer is still selling the console. Call your local store and you’ll be able to put your name on a list for information about stock. However, this won’t guarantee you a pre-order, as GameStop will still be selling the system on a “first come, first served” basis.

Toys R Us

The official SNES Classic website lists Toys R Us as a retailer for the console, but there isn’t a listing on the Toys R Us website as of yet. We expect it to go live shortly, likely whenever the other major retailers open up pre-orders on their sites. Toys R Us typically also has a limited supply of consoles in-store, as well — this was the case with the Switch — so you may want to call your local store, as well.

Updated on 08-22-2017 by Gabe Gurwin: Updated Best Buy and Amazon sections with latest information. Added Toys R Us section.

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