‘Staggering’ $9.4 billion in damage from October wildfires statewide, insurers report – Daily News

As wildfires continue to rage across Southern California, the state insurance commissioner announced Wednesday, Dec. 6, that the deadly October firestorms accounted for $9.4 billion in claimed loss — the most costly in the state’s history.

“The total statewide loss figures are staggering,”  Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said. “Behind that number are personal stories of loss and tragedy.”

The California Department of Insurance released a report Wednesday showing the insured losses from the areas ravaged by October wildfires, as reported by more than 260 insurers through Dec. 1.

The North Bay fires accounted for almost $9 billion of the statewide total of $9.4 billion in losses. Another $72 million in claims were made from Orange County, where the Canyon Fire 2 destroyed dozens of houses.

“These are not estimates, these are actual claim-insured losses,” Jones said.

Just under $3.2 billion has been paid out so far, the report showed.

The claims covered destruction and damage to more than 21,000 homes, 2,800 businesses and 6,100 personal and commercial vehicles. Of those, 5,747 homes and 997 businesses across the state were a total loss, the report said.

Sonoma County felt the brunt of the residential damage, with a total of 14,684 claims, including 4,785 homes that were a total loss. That was followed by Napa County with 2,470 residential claims, including 447 that were a total loss. Orange County had 376 residential claims, 28 of which were a total loss.

“The fires that we’ve seen this fall remind us that fire season is 365 days a year,” Jones said.

Jones said he directed consumer services staff to be ready to assist Southern California fire victims as soon as firefighters contain the wildfires.

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