Trump tracking Zuckerberg among possible 2020 opponents

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Tracking For 2020: Goodness. It may not seem like it, but go look at your calendar.

The last presidential election was less than a year ago. Based on the Donald Trump Era’s first seven months, for many, the 2020 election can’t come soon enough. And even though President Trump has more than three years to go before he faces the voting public, getting ready for re-election is already a full-time gig for our nation’s chief executive.

In planning for 2020, the Trump camp is already said to be listing and tracking who could end up being the Democratic party’s next presidential candidate. Some of the usual suspects such as U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, from Massachusetts, are there, along with some others whose names might not be as well-known to the general public (Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio) or who are very well-known, but might be a surprise to many (former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz).

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