Who Is Megan on Grey’s Anatomy? Meet Owen Hunt’s Sister!

Our favorite show is back! Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered on Thursday, Sept. 28, and the new episodes have brought one brand new and very important character to Grey Sloan Memorial HospitalOwen Hunt‘s long-lost sister, Megan Hunt! Scroll down to see everything you need to know about Megan on Grey’s.

When did Megan first appear on Grey’s Anatomy?

Though Megan appeared during a flashback in a past episode — titled “The Room Where It Happens” — the character officially made her Grey’s debut in the Season 13 finale. In the final scene, Owen (played by Kevin McKidd) and his wife, Amelia Shepherd (played by Caterina Scorsone), were waiting for Megan to be transported to Grey Sloan Memorial after she was missing for many years. Now in Season 14, Megan is a recurring character on the hit medical drama, meaning she’ll stick around for a little while!

Who plays Megan on Grey’s Anatomy?

In the past, Megan was portrayed by actress Bridget Regan, but Bridget left the series due to scheduling conflicts — she currently stars on TNT’s The Last Ship — after the character’s brief Season 13 appearances. In early August 2017, Deadline revealed Megan had been recast and Abigail Spencer would be taking on the role in Season 14. Following the news, the original Megan, Bridget, took to Twitter to praise Abigail’s addition to the show. “Thanks for all the love guys! @AbigailSpencer is an incredible actor, tip top lady, and will be a BRILLIANT Megan on #GreysAnatomy💓💓,” she wrote at the time. So sweet!

Where has Megan been?

Though the circumstances of Megan’s disappearance are still a bit unclear, we do know Owen’s younger sister was working as a US Army Surgeon in Baghdad, Iraq when she went missing. Megan was on a helicopter — helping to transport an ill patient — that was flying through an unprotected airspace years ago when she disappeared. According to Nathan Riggs (played by Martin Henderson), the helicopter never landed. For years, Owen searched for his sibling but later returned to their Seattle hometown where he got a job working as a trauma surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She had been presumed dead ever since.

Megan and Owen on Season 13 of Grey’s. (Photo Credit: )

After being missing for 10 years, Megan was found living as a prisoner in the basement of a house in a rebel-led neighborhood, where she’d been left following a raid. After a brief hospital stay in Germany, she was sent to Seattle to be reunited with Owen and their mother. “Owen, I’m okay. There was some beatings in the beginning to make sure I didn’t try to escape but after a while I made friends and played cards and did surgery and raised my kid and I was okay,” Megan told her brother in the Season 14 premiere. “I didn’t want you to waste your life looking for me. I used to pray every night that you had gone home to mom and married anyone but [your old girlfriend Beth]. I wanted you to be happy.”

Is Megan married to Nathan Riggs?

No, but they were engaged before she went missing a decade ago. Megan, Owen, and Nathan all went to medical school together and were working as US Army surgeons in Iraq when Megan disappeared. At the time, Megan was Nathan’s fiancée, but he later confessed to Owen that he had cheated on Megan before she went missing. When Megan was found and rescued, Nathan was living in Seattle and basically dating Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo), leading many Grey’s fans to believe Megan, Nathan, and Meredith might be involved in a love triangle during Season 14.

Megan Hunt Greys Anatomy

Nathan, Megan, and Owen on Season 14 of Grey’s. (Photo Credit: )

Towards the end of the Season 14 premiere, Nathan got down on one knee and proposed (again) to Megan while she was recuperating in the hospital. Meredith then walked into the room and interrupted to give Megan a surgery update, so their proposal was put on hold. At the very end of the episode, Nathan revealed that Megan did not accept his second proposal because she believed he is still in love with Meredith. Upon hearing the news, Meredith walked away from Nathan without saying a word and the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Does Megan have any kids?

Yes, in the Season 14 premiere, Megan revealed she unofficially adopted a son during her Iraqi imprisonment. “His parents were Syrian surgeon fighters who died in combat, I took him in when he was four, he’s 10 now,” Megan explained in the episode. “I’m the only parent he has and he is the main reason I stayed sane all these years.” Megan then explained she couldn’t bring her son back to Seattle with her because of US immigration laws and she hoped to return to Iraq to be with her son after recovering in the hospital.

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